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Establishing & Maintaining

Follow Up with a potential customer or existing customer is a very important piece of the puzzle. It adds value to your business and their business at the same time.
Valued Customers
Start with a genuine interaction that is memorable for both you and your client/customer. Treat each customer as if they are your best customer. Offer them the best your company offers and allow them to choose the level of business. By showing them the best your company offers, you allow room for relationship growth.
Competitive Advantages
Competitive Advantages fall under 2 different categories; Comparative and Differential. Comparative Advantage establishes a company's ability to produce something more efficiently. Differential Advantage is when a product is viewed as being higher quality and unique compared to a competitor.
Customer Experiences
How a customer experiences your business is your time to shine. There are other businesses in your market, and they are gunning for the same potential business. Finding your niche in your market is most important because it gives your business "personality".
Strong Relationships
Reinforcing relationships can happen on every level. That's why it is important to make sure every aspect of the customer experience is a quality experience. A good way to strengthen a customer relationship is to ask the customer if they are satisfied with their experience.
Sales Opportunities
Maximize sales opportunities by, widening your "Target Market". By engaging more potential customers, you increase your chances of conversions. Also, keeping in touch with your current customers will increase your potential for future sales.