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Brilliant Designs Rare Experiences

Design concepts are often looked over but play a vital role in user interaction. This is what gives your design direction, depth, and meaning.
Great Design is Everything
Design concepts are often looked over but play a vital role in user interaction and customer experience. The difference between good design and bad design is sometimes as simple as a font change. Images and color usage are very important also. Creating a thought or emotion should be the ultimate goal. Images, Fonts, Colors, and Content should be balanced and give the User an overall understanding of your business.
Design Steers the User
Understanding how User interaction increases or decreases depending on design flow is important. Think of your digital presence like a road map. It is meant to direct the User to the next section or piece of information. Including rest stops along the way, so your reader has time to rest their brain. Ultimately your goal should be to direct them to a point of interaction.
Design is Evolving
The evolution of design can be tracked across all media types. Web design has come a long way since its inception, and it's rapidly changing. Even large corporations will sometimes go through a rebranding process to freshen up their appearance. Staying at the forefront of design concepts can be tricky but rewarding when done right.
Branding is Brilliant
Staying within a company's branding guidelines is always important. Expanding on predetermined guidelines is key when creating fresh designs. Company branding assists with brand retention. Customers are more inclined to stay with the same company if they've had a good experience. Branding helps keep loyal customers over a long period of time.
Conversions are Core
Users respond differently to design elements. Utilizing heat maps will show how users respond to all design features. AB testing also provides a chart for the most up-to-date design interactions. Following a monthly user interaction rate, and comparing that to design changes will narrow down the best choices.